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Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather Hugging 2021

Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather Hugging. 03:28 edt, 7 june 2021 | updated: 1) logan paul sported a tough chin.

logan paul and floyd mayweather hugging
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10:26 edt, 7 june 2021 Before the fight, paul bullied mayweather several times, garnering supporters who enjoyed his sass my gut is telling me logan paul is gonna win but my brain is telling me floyd mayweather is gonna logan paul and floyd mayweather after hugging for 8 rounds and fooling us all:#mayweatherpaul.

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By ben nagle for mailonline By ben nagle for mailonline.

Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather Hugging

Keeping with the hugging theme, @imllilia posted a photo of boxers in the same pose, quipping:Logan lent into mayweather at every opportunity as he tried to smother his opponent’s punches.Logan paul clearly heard the jokes people were making about his boxing match with floyd mayweather.Logan paul defied the odds by going all eight rounds with floyd mayweather but that did not prevent some fans airing their discontent.

Logan paul definitely gave a good account of himself on sunday night, lasting the full eight rounds against floyd mayweather, one of the greatest boxers of his generation and arguably of all time.Logan paul got more hugs in one night from floyd mayweather than he got from his dad during his entire childhood — ethan klein (@h3h3productions) june 7, 2021 hugging.Logan paul is weighing in after the world watched his boxing match against floyd mayweather.Logan paul throw a lot of punches in his exhibition fight against floyd mayweather.

Logan paul vs floyd mayweather:Logan paul walked into the ring to the sounds of a song from the musical film “the greatest showman” featuring zac efron, while floyd.Logan, 26, came out strong.Mayweather dominated the contest at the hard rock stadium in miami but was surprisingly unable to stop paul, with the rookie surviving the full eight rounds of their.

Mayweather vs loganpaul in a nutshell, a user tweeted, with a gif of two kids running to hug each other.Mayweather was unable to knock out his much heavier yet novice.Not boxing,” wrote one user, while another user took a particularly harsh dig:On sunday, may 6, floyd mayweather and logan paul fought eight rounds in their exhibition boxing match at hard rock stadium in miami, florida.

People are mocking logan paul for constantly hugging floyd mayweather jr.Published 5:24, 07 june 2021 bst.Ricky hatton has slammed floyd mayweather for 'damaging his legacy' and 'disrespecting boxing' by fighting youtube star logan paul.See how he reacted to the hugging memes.

Showtime server crashes before match, fans say 'pay us back' did mayweather and paul hug out their rivalry?So it might be no surprise that paul.The fight was branded a borefest by many, who weren't impressed by the amount of hugging going on in the ring.There was no official winner of the match but fans didn't need judges to see the domination after it went for full eight rounds.

Though the youtuber avoided getting knocked out by the undefeated boxing champ, both of the contenders got slammed online for spending most of the fight reportedly clinching, huffpost reports.We paid to watch two men hugging.We paid to watch two men hugging’:We paid to watch two men hugging’:

While paul was truly gassed out towards the end of the scrap, he exhibited a genuine thirst to emerge unhurt.“like logan paul after round 4…,” @psgspecter tweeted over a photo of paul and mayweather hugging in the ring, which was mounted on a pack of huggies.“logan and floyd every 5.“logan paul got more hugs in one night from floyd mayweather.

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